Investment Approach

True Partnerships

Making the decision to partner with an equity investor is one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make. Having been in your shoes, we understand this challenge and believe in taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach to crafting a partnership that best fits each unique situation. We genuinely believe partnerships are a two-way street and only work when they benefit both parties.

We avoid short-term thinking and high levels of debt and focus exclusively on what is best for the business, including driving healthy, sustainable, and profitable growth. We respect your company’s unique cultural identity and work alongside you to preserve and strengthen that “secret sauce” that makes you special.

Carmelina’s partnership approach and core values of Integrity, Dependability, Hard Work, and Commitment to Excellence mean you gain a business partner who is just as invested in the success of your business as you are.

20+ Years of Successful Partnerships

Our team brings exceptional experience, perspective, and guidance to owner/operator-led companies that is informed by decades of experience solely partnering with owner/operators.

our investments facilitate

Wealth Diversification

Inactive Partner Buyouts

Generational Business Transitions

Growth Capital

As part of the Carmelina family, our partner companies have access to our full range of resources and value-added growth toolkit.

  • Establish direct dialogues with owner/operators
  • Customize capital solutions that fit your needs
  • Preserve the cultural identity of the organization
  • Leverage Carmelina’s Value Creation Playbook
  • Achieve extraordinary outcomes together

Carmelina Value-Add

We take a company-by-company and partner-by-partner approach to value creation and do not subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” strategy commonly used in private equity.

Our approach involves working side-by-side with owner/operators to emphasize key strengths and address potential deficiencies. This often includes implementing various institutional and organizational best practices that have proven successful in helping our other partners “get there faster.”

Strategic Growth Plan Development

Employee Engagement & Cultural Enhancement

Add-on Acquisitions (Identification, Evaluation, and Integration)

Business Mix

New Product Development &

Management Team

Systems / Technology Enhancement & Implementation

Financial / Operating Reporting

Supply Chain

Corporate Finance
(Working Capital, Cash Management, and Taxes)

Partner Company Profiles



Differentiated and scalable business models within attractive and growing industries.



Owner/operator that is debt-averse and believes in maintaining a strong and healthy balance sheet.



Owner/operator seeking to form a strong growth-oriented partnership while retaining significant equity.



Shared philosophy of Integrity, Dependability, Hard Work, and Commitment to Excellence.

Key Investment Criteria

Owner/operator-led business

Desire to retain 30-70% equity

EBITDA (Platform): $3 million+

Low leverage, fortress balance sheets

Based in North America

We welcome the opportunity to begin a confidential dialogue.