Behind the Name “Carmelina”

Common question, what’s the story behind the name Carmelina?

The short answer is that Carmelina Avenue was the name of the street that one of us lived on when it came time to pick a name. In reality, the selection was not that trivial, but after some consideration and research, Carmelina was the right fit.
When asked the question, we’ve always answered with some variation of the short answer. But, the reality is, the short answer doesn’t do justice to the deliberation behind the name.
A firm’s identity is important.  The name is the first impression of that identity, and the identity reflects our culture, who we are and what we stand for.  As much as Carmelina reflects our philosophical roots, it also reflects what we are not.
For starters, we are not a firm that is named after individuals.  What we do is about more than the individuals that founded the firm.  We want to be sure that Carmelina grows to represent what we do well – a team of committed professionals and an exceptional business partner to private companies.
That being said, we will also give special hiring consideration to any professional with the first or last name of Carmelina…
So, what does Carmelina mean?
It’s origin is uncertain, but we know what it represents to us.  Carmelina Avenue is a street in Los Angeles in a residential neighborhood with old trees and young families.  As we look at the business partnerships we seek, we look for “old trees” with strong roots built on our core values of Hard Work, Integrity, Dependability and Excellence.  We also look for “young families” with a bright future and healthy growth prospects ahead.  As an investor, we want our business partnerships to feel like a healthy community where good neighbors support each other and all benefit as a result.
We enjoy the stories we hear from passionate business owners as they recount the beginnings of what they have built. They never get old.  We look forward to hearing yours.

We welcome the opportunity to begin a confidential dialogue.